Portland's Cozy has a new partner in New Mexico

While I always love a good hometown story, I’m much more excited to see our awesome startups landing deals outside of the area, gaining traction, and helping continue to prove that Portland is a viable place to build amazing companies. Portland startup Cozy is doing just that.

They just announced their first deal with a rental housing association. And it’s not here. It’s in New Mexico.

As our first rental housing association partner, the AANM represents an important moment for us. It’s the first of many similar partnership we’re building nationwide.

The AANM serves about 725 individuals and companies, which own or manage more than 53,000 rental properties in New Mexico. Like most landlords around the country, the property managers of New Mexico still regularly deal with late rent, paper checks, and tenants who slip through the screening process. Cozy will help them avoid these pitfalls, by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

For more information on the deal and the company, visit Cozy.