Six local tech startups emerge from Portland Seed Fund's latest class

Early stage activity in town has quieted a bit. Not really calmed down. Just quieted down. That’s why it’s always nice to see some folks making some noise. And showing investors what’s going on in town. Which is exactly what the Portland Seed Fund is doing today with their latest class—which includes six local tech companies.

Among the graduates today are:

  • Collexion: Collexion is putting the whole collectible world in one place for you to discover. We’re curating millions of collectibles from a global community of collectors who love to share their collections, passions and knowledge. Find what you love and love what you find at collexion.com
  • The Dyrt: The Dyrt is all about making searching for campgrounds and guided adventure trips a better experience. Through beautiful technology and an amazing community of outdoor enthusiasts, The Dyrt will end the pain of searching for campgrounds and guided adventure trips.
  • iFlipd: You can rent a pet (no joke). You can drive a Ferrari through a car share. In Florida you can even lease a giraffe by the hour. But try getting a textbook on a pay-as-you-go plan. It isn’t going to happen. In 2011 two girlfriends sat in a Portland coffee shop lamenting the fact that they couldn’t rent digital textbooks. Maybe it was the zeitgeist, or the shifting social-media landscape, or the four macchiatos, but right then and there a crazy new concept was born: iFlipd.
  • NemaMetrix: Our flagship product is the ScreenChip System. The ScreenChip System is an automated platform for assaying pharyngeal pumping in C. elegans. As a sensitive measure of the overall health of an organism, pharyngeal pumping and the ScreenChip System excel at revealing phenotypes resulting from genetic mutation and screening for the effects of drug compounds and peptides on well-conserved biological signalling pathways.
  • Owl Insights: The Owl’s measurement feedback system enables healthcare providers to easily screen patients for behavioral health status and monitor their treatment progress using patient-reported outcomes.
  • Sightbox: Your contact lens concierge. Our team handles all the details. From calling the office to shipping your contact lenses. All you need to do is show up for your exam.

For more information and a list of all portfolio companies, visit Portland Seed Fund.