Summer school: Hack Oregon opens applications for next class of Hack University

Here in Oregon, we like to do things a little differently. Even when it comes to something as structured as coding. We’ve got traditional code schools. But we’ve also got Hack Oregon. It’s not a code school, per se. It’s more of a code university, rethinking the model for teaching people to code and work among other developers.

Participating in the program means working on real world problems with a bunch of other interesting and intelligent people. And there’s no better way to get involved than participating in Hack University from Hack Oregon.

Hack Oregon courses are not meant to be an end-to-end bootcamp, but are more like a challenging “finishing school” with a focus on specializations. The best way to think of these courses would be like a supercharged job-readiness track to go from feeling like a beginner to being ready work as a professional with real-world, high level project experience.

You’ll also be part of the Hack Oregon family, which means a network of friends, professionals, and companies who are all connected by a commitment to open data and civic innovation.

Applications are currently open for its summer class.Tuition for participating in Hack University starts at $250.

For more information, visit Hack Oregon.