REMINDER: Don't miss this opportunity to meet some amazing Portland startups at PitchBlack

If Portland’s Stephen Green has said it once, he’s said it a million times: “If you can’t see it… you can’t be it.” It’s an incredibly succinct way of describing the need for role models with whom you can relate. And that’s why he’s making sure that Portland’s black founders get seen. With PitchBlack, a regular gathering that showcases Portland’s community of black entrepreneurs.


“For a lot of these entrepreneurs, the first step is seeing that their local community believes in them,” Stephen told PICOC. “Imagine being a room of people that look like you and other people from the entrepreneurial community lifting you up. That’s the experience we want to create.”

The event takes place this Thursday, August 25, 2016, at Instrument, beginning at 5:30PM. Pitches begin at 6:00PM. Tickets are $20, with all proceeds going to the winners. And tickets are still available.

For more information or to purchase your ticket, visit PitchBlack.