Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 1, 2016

Today’s link arrangement includes information on Oregon BEST FEST, Deadstock Coffee, Billy, former Trail Blazer Brian Grant, Nations as startups, and SpaceX & Facebook.

Oregon BEST FEST kicks off the cleantech party next week

Oregon’s annual premier cleantech conference will feature its usual blockbuster lineup of innovation, but this year’s event has a twist.

Oregon BEST FEST offers a major venue for investors and entrepreneurs to connect, but this year, it’s not only the inventors that are pitching ideas.

Janitor turned Nike shoe developer starts community coffeehouse

Inside Deadstock, Portland does not feel like America’s whitest big city. Though gentrification has reshaped the city’s historically African American neighborhoods, Williams and other black entrepreneurs are creating diverse social hubs across the metro area. In Williams’ Chinatown shop, young black men bond over sneakers and a shared vision of success.

Danish software maker lands in Portland for U.S. launch

Billy selected Portland for its U.S. base of operations because of the city’s strong business-to-business software scene, it’s growing fintech scene and the overall tech ecosystem. Most of Portland’s high-profile software companies, heavy hitters like Elemental Technologies, Puppet and Act-On Software, cater to business clients as opposed to consumers.

Grafletics Brian Grant collection

We’ve partnered with the Brian Grant Foundation to help in their effort to empower people living with Parkinson’s disease to live active and fulfilling lives.

Nations Can Be Startups, Too

Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Estonia, and South Korea could also be thought of as startup nations. Most emerged from war, civil war, the evolution or dissolution of a prior imperial or colonial relationship, or some combination of those factors. In each case there was a chance to start anew and to have founders impose a distinct vision on a new political unit.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket just exploded at Cape Canaveral, destroying Facebook’s Internet.org satellite

According to numerous eyewitness reports, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket just exploded during a test on a launch pad at Cape Canaveral. This rocket was set to launch on Saturday, Sept. 3 on a mission to deliver Facebook’s first satellite to orbit.