Following a successful beta test, Built Oregon, CENTRL Office, and PIE are making Community Hour[s] a thing

I know that there are plenty of meet ups in town. Plenty. But one thing I’ve noticed is that they still tend to be fairly siloed. Either by skills. Or by industry. Or by platform. Or by something I can’t think of right now. So when Mitch Daugherty, my fellow cofounder at Built Oregon, suggested something that broke down those silos? I was super interested.

So without much fanfare, we gave the concept a little test run a few weeks back—with the help of our friends at CENTRL Office. And you know what? It worked. It was small. But it worked. And then there was that Silicon Florist birthday thing which reminded me—yet again—of how much I miss all of you.

And therefore, without further ado, we’d like to invite you to the production release of Community Hour[s] at CENTRL Office.

This will be an ongoing gathering of all the people who make up the entrepreneurial fabric in our community. There is no agenda, panel, or discussion. It’s a time to relax and network with old friends and new connections. As much as we all love technology, relationships are built through personal connections and shared stories. So we hope you’ll join us for a few minutes, or a couple hours at the CENTRL Office Main Bar.

The next event will be this Tuesday, September 6, 2016, beginning at 5PM and ending at 7PM sharp. Why sharp? Because one of the complaints we’ve heard about previous events of this ilk is that they wind up trickling to a close and chewing up more time than people had budgeted. So sharp.

Sound interesting? Can’t make this one, but want to be kept in the loop? Join the Community Hour[s] group on Meetup.

As an added bonus, if you happen to be a backer of the PIE Cookbook on Kickstarter, you can grab your backer swag at the event.

Hope to see you on Tuesday. Until then, have a great Labor Day!