Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 20, 2016

For links today, rallying Portland founders to help one another, tracking TriMet, understanding the call of entrepreneurship, understanding that it’s not about race, and the entire history of Kickstarter city by city.

Portland founders — it’s time to show up

This is a call to the Portland entrepreneur community to stop working in silos — raise your hand and step up to the plate with us through Founders United. Let’s help each other get what we need — from help and resources, to funding and more. And let’s start right now.

Fascinating animation shows location of every TriMet vehicle over 24-hour period

The folks over at Moonshadow used something called DB4IOT, which stands for the Database for Internet of Things, and not only created a map showing the real-time location of all the buses, light rail and tram vehicles in the TriMet system, they also made a fascinating 24-hour timelapse showing the ebbs and flows of the system.

Entrepreneurship is a Calling not a Job

It’s not that the tools are wrong, I think the entrepreneurship management stack is correct and has made a major contribution to reducing startup failures. Where I think we have gone wrong is the belief that anyone can use these tools equally well.

It’s Not About Race!

This is a speech that I wrote for a local event. I thought I’d post it on Medium because it might help explain some context to white people.

The Entire History of Kickstarter Projects, Broken Down by City

Hopefully this data adds a bit more color to how we describe a city’s creative underbelly. When we look beyond New York and Los Angeles, so many smaller and medium-size cities have rich, emerging creative communities – they just fall outside the typical categories of music, film, theater, etc. Tabletop gaming communities may never get a New York Times Arts Section expose, but maybe they should/will!