Portland should be feeling more Validated lately

Remember the good old days when you used to park in a parking garage, do some shopping at a nearby retailer, and then—as if by magic—get that parking for free by having the merchant validate your parking? Well, now that you’re Ubering or car2going or using mass transit, that freebie system all seems like the distant past right? Not anymore. Thanks to Validated.

The Techstars Seattle alum and Portland startup has figured out a way to take that whole model and apply it our more modern ways of getting around. So instead of free parking, you get free car service. Or ridesharing. Or mass transit. All by doing the consumery shopping you’d be doing anyway.

What’s better than saving a couple of bucks on parking? FREE TRANSPORTATION! By validating with multiple merchants and stacking several discount offers, you can reduce your parking fees to zero.

Many of the shops and restaurants you love are ready to thank you with discounted parking. Get Validated and never pay full price for parking again!

For more information or to start saving today, visit Validated and download their app.