Branching out: 10 Branch looks to help the next generation of Portland startups

The virtuous cycle. We hear about it all the time. Someone starts a company, successfully exits that company, generates wealth for founders and employees, and then that group uses those new financial resources to reinvest in the community. Which leads to someone starting a company…

Portland has never truly managed to complete this cycle. We’ve come close. And we’ve had some fits and starts. But it’s never truly been a cycle with momentum. That, however, may be changing.

Why? Well there are little things. Little signs. Like Elemental giving $150,000 to the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network…


… or like the folks who successfully grew Viewpoint looking to make connections for other Portland startups. By sharing their connections and insights with the 10 Branch “Outside the Box” event. And it’s an effort which they’re hoping will turn into “a world-class event year after year that will attract the best companies, financial firms and advisers” to Portland.

The inaugural event takes place November 3-4, 2016, at the Hotel deLuxe. Tickets are $195 for companies and $395 for investors.

For more information or to RSVP, visit 10 Branch.