Clearly, it's number one: What's more popular than Snapchat Spectacle bots? Portland's Pee World VR

Oh Portland. You and your borrowed keeping-it-weird ethos. It only stands to reason that the only product we have running in the annual Product Hunt Golden Kitty awards is a VR app. That allows you to experience the world. As if it were somewhere you had to go. Literally.

It only makes sense. We’re a town that holds as one of its claims to fame a product that rethinks this whole experience. I mean, Hel-LOO?!!?

Yep. It’s true. I couldn’t hold it in.

Portland’s Pee World VR is in the running for the Product Hunt 2016 WTF Product of the Year.

So WTF with all of the WTF potential?

Even more intriguing than that? It’s currently more popular than those bots that drop off Snapchat Spectacles. Yep. Those balloon laden spectacle toting vending machines are clearly number two when it comes to Portland’s number one.

We’re number one! We’re number one! Ahem.

And who knows. Maybe even Product Hunt founder (and Oregonian) Ryan Hoover will swing by to deliver the award in person…?


For more information or to provide an upvote for Portland’s only entry in this year’s awards, visit Product Hunt 2016 WTF Product of the Year. To experience it for yourself, visit Pee World VR.