Bringing folks together in Portland, under the analogy of Comma,Separated,Values

Companies aren’t the only entities that relocate to Portland on a regular basis. We get our fair share of conferences and events doing exactly that same thing. Especially if they’re open source or tech oriented sorts of conferences. So I guess it only stands that, after two years in Berlin, the CSV Conference is changing it’s locale to the Rose City.

What’s CSVConf, you ask? Well it’s…

a data conference that’s not literally about CSV file format but rather what CSV represents to our community: data interoperability, hackability, simplicity, etc

CSV as an analogy? That sounds pretty Portlandy. Even better? They want you to speak.


Submit by February 15th. We will begin reviewing February 16th and let you know by March 1st if your talk is accepted or not. Speakers receive free passes to the event, and we are working on a financial aide sponsorship budget for travel costs.

So get to work. They’re looking forward to seeing your proposal.

For more information, visit CSV Conference.