You've just retired from nearly 20 years of supporting Oregon's startups. What's next? Start a new company

People always say that once you’ve caught the startup bug, it’s hard to shake it. And I can’t think of any better example than Linda Weston. After 17 years of heading up the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, she decided to “retire.” But as any founder knows, “retire” is just a euphemism for “take time to see if any of my side projects have legs.” And Linda is no different.

Meet Rapporto, a consultancy that takes all of Linda’s expertise and puts it to work for you.

A long-time beacon of the Portland community, Linda knows how to connect her clients with the expertise they need to grow and flourish. Drawing on her vast experience, Linda helps with board development, business modeling and other strategic issues.

Linda is a true believer in the importance of relationships. She’s committed to working closely with leaders to understand their challenges, paving the way for solutions that actually work. Thanks to her carefully cultivated rolodex, Linda is able to bring in just the right talent for just about any situation.

If you’ve got a nonprofit, you should check this out. Linda’s experience is second to none. And if you’ve got a for profit, you might be surprised at how Linda’s techniques work equally well there.

For more information, visit Rapporto.