Can't make the Women's March on Washington? Your voice — and thousands of others — can still be heard

We hear it all of the time. About technology’s ability to connect. About it being a platform for expression. About how it can bridge distances. Now, a collaboration among Portland based businesses Wildfang, Uncorked Studios, and Ziba is using technology to provide a platform for the voices of women in our nation—and they’re encouraging every woman to participate.

It’s called Million Women’s Voices and it’s inspired by the Women’s March on Washington, taking place, this weekend.

The idea was dead simple: ensure that EVERY woman had a voice on January 21. Even if you couldn’t get the time off from work, or you couldn’t afford the flight, or you couldn’t leave your kids or your cat Ziggy behind for a weekend, this site would allow you to raise your voice.

Point is, regardless of where you are on January 21, this is a moment that belongs to all women. And all women should have a voice in it.

Interested in adding your voice? There’s a simple way to do that. Just interested in hearing the voices of others? You can thumb through the ever growing number of videos being added to the site.

For more information, visit Million Women’s Voices.

[Full disclosure: Uncorked Studios is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]