Rethinking rural in Independence, Oregon

What if you had access to an entire town with high speed fiber? What if it was a rural location that enabled you to work with technology and agriculture in ways that urban companies don’t often explore? Can you imagine what could you do with connected devices or Internet of Things or drones or…? Well, that place exists. Just down the road in Independence, Oregon.

They’ve been doing their own due diligence around agriculture and technology and ways to leverage their town’s connectivity in compelling ways—for the potential benefit of rural locations everywhere. And now they’re ready to share their plan.

The City of Independence has spent the last five months speaking with a wide array of individuals about Smart Ag and Smart Rural Community needs in the region. We have drafted a preliminary plan based upon your input and would like to discuss our thoughts and hear your ideas.

Please join us on Thursday, Feb. 9 2017 at the Independence City Hall. The forum will begin at 1 p.m. and run through 3 p.m. We will present what we have learned and hope you will join us to identify priorities for the coming year.

To learn more, RSVP on Meetup.