You’re going to love the way your data looks: Reflect opens public beta

What good is a terabyte of data if you’re lacking an effective way to visualize that data? And why does the task of crafting compelling and beautiful visualizations fall on the development team? Those are among the problems that Portland’s Reflect is working to fix. And today, you can see what they’ve been building. Because they are now in public beta.

“We’re experiencing a big data hangover. Businesses have invested in collecting massive amounts of data, but creating value from that data is really hard,” says Alex Bilmes, CEO of Reflect. “Traditional analytics and business intelligence providers are struggling to keep up with modern use cases. People want access to data in the applications they already use, and companies want to deliver insights as part of their user experience. Until today, nothing on the market has allowed them to do that—or do it easily. Reflect allows developers to deploy visualizations at scale in a matter of minutes.”

Born out of relationships built at PIE and Cloudability, the Reflect team has learned these lessons the hard way. And now they’re interested in saving others from similar hardships.

My co-founder Brad Heller and I started Reflect to create a better way for companies to design, publish, and share their data. We had experienced the pains of building analytics and reporting and wanted to help others learn from our past mistakes and give them tools to create great products. Traditional analytics and BI vendors didn’t understand modern use cases or the needs of developers, so we set out to create a new category: data visualization-as-a-service.

Folks who participated in the private beta are liking what they’re seeing.

“Reflect allowed us to connect to our Redshift warehouse and expose data to our clients without having to build reporting APIs or manage user permissions,” said Lucas Brown, Chief Product Officer of TUNE. “We were able to ship our product in days instead of months.”

Interested in test driving the Reflect offering? Simply visit Reflect and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes. Like what you see? Maybe consider kicking them an up vote on Product Hunt.

For more information, see the blog post announcing Reflect’s public beta.

[Full disclosure: The founders of Reflect are alums of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]