Startup accelerators are emotional rollercoasters

Sometimes—not often, mind you, but sometimes—I write stuff other places. I mean, it’s not any better than the stuff I write here. And honestly, it would be difficult for it to be grammatically worse than the stuff I write here. But in any case, sometimes I write stuff on other platforms that could still be valuable to you. So I wanted you to know about it.

Like this piece on startup accelerators being emotional rollercoasters.


Recognizing and understanding the emotional rollercoaster gives staff insights as to when it is reasonable to increase the stress in the accelerator and when they would be wise to pull the pressure valve. It can be equally valuable for founders — and the people who provide their emotional support—to understand this dynamic.

So if you’ve thought about going through a startup accelerator, you know someone who is thinking about going through a startup accelerator, or you’re just kind of curious about what it’s like in a startup accelerator, maybe take a minute—or twelve—to read through “The inevitable emotional rollercoaster of your startup accelerator experience.”