Gathering a crowd: Portland monitoring startup Sensu plans Sensu Summit 2017

Startups already have a ton of things to juggle. But you have to go with what your customers want. So even though Portland startup Sensu is only a few months old, they’re already planning their first gathering of users and partners. Why? Because folks asked Sensu to do it.

One of the surprising outcomes from these conversations is our realization that the time has come to start organizing dedicated Sensu community events. Sensu Enterprise customers, prominent Sensu Core users, and Sensu Partners alike have all told us they would like to participate in these events, and so they shall!

We are very pleased to announce today that arrangements have been made to host an inaugural “Sensu Summit” event this coming August 15–16, 2017 at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon!

What’s Sensu do that’s garnering this sort of fervor so early on?

Sensu enables high-velocity organizations to maintain operational visibility, while supporting software and infrastructure-as-code development best practices, and solving the unique challenges of monitoring in dynamic operating environments (e.g. public/private/hybrid cloud computing environments, container-based environments, and more). As a framework and software platform, Sensu will increase its commitment to open-source, while continuing to innovate as a fundamentally different approach to full-stack monitoring.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit Sensu.