It’s been a rough week. Maybe you should be Barrel Bound…?

It’s Friday. It’s Portland. And it’s about that time. It’s been a long week. You’re super interested in supporting the local economy. And what better way to blow of some steam and support your fellow entrepreneurs than partaking in the tasting of local beverage or two? It’s like the perfect win-win situation. And luckily, you’ve got Barrel Bound to help.

Oregon is home to some of the world’s finest wine producers, and is considered the craft beer capital of America. And, with the rapid growth of the regions spirits industry, Barrel Bound is proud to call Oregon home.Barrel Bound was founded by practitioners of the wine, beer and spirits tourism community, who are passionate about this ecosystem. Corkboard cue cards, prototyping apps and chance encounters brought Barrel Bound to life.

For more information or to download the app on Android or iOS, visit Barrel Bound.