Adding Rainier to that collection of peaks: Seven Peaks Ventures opens Seattle office

It’s pretty common practice to have folks from the north and south visit Oregon. And in recent years, it’s even become common for capital to flow into the state from investors in those neighboring states. But it’s still rare to see Oregon investors expand to other regions. But that’s exactly what Seven Peaks Ventures is doing.

Headquartered in Bend, the Seven Peaks crew spends a good deal of time in Portland. But soon, they’ll be spending time in another urban environment. They’ve announced that they’ll be opening a Seattle office, helmed by Dave Parker.

“I’m excited to join Seven Peaks because the team is committed to investing both money and time in early stage tech companies to help the founders meet their growth goals,” Parker told GeekWire in an email. “A lot of firms talk about value added capital, very few provide it because it doesn’t scale well. But when you’re investing early stage the team needs more than just cash.”