Hello, Portland startup community! I’m…

Way back when… as a previous generation of the Portland startup community was starting to come together, Raven Zachary launched something called “Portland on Fire.” It was a project that played a critical role in helping introduce members of our community to one another — and provided a starting point for deeper personal connections among various folks Portland. He called the process “slow social networking.”

The project wound up becoming the way that any number of interesting folks in Portland introduced themselves — not just startup people. So once Raven got too busy to manage it, I inherited the project. And kept introducing one person per day.

But with a small community — you can probably see where this is going — a lot of us got to know one another. And community bonds found other avenues, like new events and platforms. Eventually, the format ran out of steam for the best possible reason: everyone was benefitting from the strong connections of a vibrant community.

Today, however, our community is struggling with very similar issues. Only it’s an exponentially bigger community, this time around. And that makes those connections even more difficult to come by. Worse yet, those connections that were once strong among so many community members have weakened. Even for those folks who have been here for a while. Long story short, we’re kind of back where we started. When we needed that platform as a community.

And so, I’m rebooting it. Taking the opportunity to introduce our community to one person per day. With the hopes that this activity has the same positive results it did back in the day.

But in order to do that, I need to hear from you. And about you.

So if you’re interested in participating — and PLEASE be interested in participating — simply take a few moments to complete a profile, this weekend. (It honestly doesn’t take that long.)

Once we have a few submitted, I’ll start publishing them here on Silicon Florist. Every day. Then more people in Portland will get the opportunity to learn about how awesome you are. And you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about the bevy of interesting people in the Portland startup community.