Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Michael Richardson



Michael left the country for a few months to travel and connect with other cultures for personal growth. He is back.

Prior to leaving Michael Richardson was a Project Manager in Seattle as a vendor working with Microsoft, Intel, and iLink. Michael is passionate about the community, business, and sustainable technology. Connecting with others and learning their passions and creativity while finding a way he can be an asset in their lives is what gets him up in the morning. Michael can over extend his focus trying to be involved in multiple projects that span many industries from business, film production, solar industry, host & DJ, logo design, etc.

Arriving in Portland October 2017, Michael is looking to join, grow, and learn from the startup community while contributing all, some, or none of his skills to help grow with people looking to make an impact locally then globally. Only involved in one side project now as a producer for a short film in Seattle for Enriched Studios.

Michael is looking into getting into the depth and cracks of startups, experiments, and projects happening in Portland. “No hurry, no pause” and “Be good, do good” is his bread and butter.

What are you up to?

Being brand spanking new to the area, I’m interested in meeting and connecting with the people! Getting a pulse on the startup community is vital through these connections while simultaneously forming deep and sincere relationships with others. You can find me bartending around the city in my free time and reading in the local coffee shops.

Why Portland?

Portland just happened to be the place I ended up through an incredible series of events. Portland is vibrant. It has common features with Seattle yet feels personal, more connection is happening. Still figuring out the areas, I enjoy finding the nooks and crannies of the area to chat with strangers and consume books like I’m hangry.


Interested in being featured?

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