Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Mike Herrick

250x250_Herrick - Mike HerrickBio

Mike Herrick is the SVP of Product & Engineering at Urban Airship and is responsible for Urban Airship’s products. He joined the company in 2010.

Prior to Urban Airship, Mike was the Vice President of Products for Collaborative Software Initiative. In that role, he was responsible for product management, product development, technical support, and hosted operations. Prior to Collaborative Software Initiative, Mike built a broad background in the software business with management and individual contributor roles at Liberty Mutual, C-bridge/eXcelon (now Progress Software), Mentor Graphics, and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Mike holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Dayton.

What are you up to?

I’ve worked for Urban Airship now for seven years and still love it. We’re a middle-aged startup that has achieved a lot and has enormous potential. It’s a pretty heady time for us as we’re rapidly expanding from our origins in native mobile apps to other communication channels and doing a lot of useful things for our customers with the enormous amounts of data we collect.

Why Portland?

I moved to PDX in 2001 after the “dotcom” collapse right after 9/11. I grew up in Michigan, went to college in Ohio, and then moved to Chicago for my first couple of jobs. I had an overwhelming desire to move West and really love it here. I love that the food & beverages are so great here. I love the creativity. Feels like PDX is at a new stage of its tech startup opportunity which excites me.


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