Struggling with personal finance? Maybe more cats will help…?

When you’re a founder, dealing with your money—or lack thereof—can be yet another added stressor in your already overly stressful existence. And let’s be honest. Most of the issue—again, like many other issues of being a founder—is due to ignorance and naivety. If only there were a way to simplify your understanding of personal finance… and if only it had cats.

Well, get ready to be happy.

Portland’s Lillian Karabaic of Oh My Dollar! fame is committing her insights and training to a new book on personal finance. And then adding a lot of cats. Meet Get your money together.

The Kickstarter campaign is already successfully funded, but it’s closing in a few days. So you’ll need to act quickly.

And if you’d like to tune into the end of the campaign, Lillian and crew will be using the Kickstarter Live feature to livestream the campaign’s closing party on November 18, 2017, at 6:15PM Pacific Time.

For more information (and more money), visit Get your money together: Your purr-rect finance workbook.