Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Anil Kumar

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Anil Kumar is an Engineer based in Portland, Oregon. He has worked in research and development for past 15 years with over six years in semiconductor manufacturing. Anil worked with Intel on 22nm and 14nm process development with focus on Intel’s Atom and SoC products. Over six years, he helped Intel deliver over 25 new products and reduced the manufacturing time by more than 50%. All this while delivering yield, performance, and other key process indicators under extremely tight timelines.

Anil has worked with large teams of diverse backgrounds to successfully deliver 22nm and 14nm technology transfer and high volume ramp to Intel sites across the world.

Before working with Intel, Anil graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His graduate work involved solid state ionic imprinting of sub-wavelength nanostructures and characterization of their plasmonic properties. During his undergraduate studies, Anil worked on multiple fields including thin film deposition and characterization, and study of oil-water interfaces. He has over nine publications and two patents.

What are you up to?

I am currently on a 6-month sabbatical (until Jan 1, 2018) to start my own business, or make a lateral shift to different industry.

You can see the progress of my startup at http://www.RxHomeTest.com. We provide direct to consumer health testing solutions with two goals: (1) you provide the sample from the comfort of your home, and (2) we absorb the physician’s cost by reducing lab testing cost by almost 50%.

Why Portland?

I didn’t pick Portland. I picked Intel and Portland came with it. However, I love the this area now. Because I love hiking and I like the medium size vibe of the town. I have tried large cities and small cities, and don’t fit in either one.


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