Speaking of startups, let’s startup the planning for Techstars Startup Week Portland 2018 (April 2-5)

While it seems like the year has just begun, in reality, the first week in April isn’t that far off. But it’s a lot farther off than Portland Startup Week has been in the past. (We’ve traditionally organized the weeklong celebration of startups during the first week in February.) So given that we’ve got more time than we’re used to, it seems like a really good opportunity to make Techstars Startup Week Portland 2018 even more awesome than ever, right? Right. So let’s get on that. Like now.

What’s Portland Startup Week, you ask? Well, it’s a weeklong celebration of all things startup. Chockfull of free events from how-to learning opportunities to big glitzy stage presentations, from early morning coffees to late night parties, and from the smallest one person startups to the largest companies who want to support the Portland startup community. In previous years, the Portland Startup Week has hosted nearly 100 events around Portland and the surrounding area. There’s something for everyone.

And that’s because anyone can get involved as a host. Just so long as they’re willing to take on the effort of organizing an event. It doesn’t have to be giant. It doesn’t have to be overly produced. It doesn’t even have to be specially designed for Startup Week. In fact, participating in Startup Week is a fantastic way of promoting your regularly held events. Heck, you don’t even have to have space. (We’ll help with that.) You just need to let us know that you’re interested in participating.

So we’re currently taking submissions for event organizers and sponsors. If you’ve got something to offer the Portland startup community, why not throw your proverbial hat in the ring…? Just complete the form here or below and we’ll make sure to include you in the mix. (NOTE: Completing the form is merely your indicating an interest to do something or to help sponsor something. You’re not obligated to do anything.)

Not interested in hosting or sponsoring? You can still stay in the loop by signing up for updates from Portland Startup Week. Or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information, visit Techstars Startup Week Portland 2018.