Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Chevonne James

Headshot 2 - Chevonne James


Chevonne was born on New Years Eve in South Beach, which makes complete sense when you meet her. Attending school at Florida State University, she earned her Bachelors in Mathematics & Event Management and her Masters in Hospitality & Tourism. She started her career as a wedding planner and although she loved planning, she decided perennial nuptials just weren’t her thing.

Transitioning to retail leadership, she started working for Target in 2010 and quickly garnered a leadership role which allowed her to relocate to Portland in 2015. Feeling it was time for a change, she quit in the summer of 2017. Looking to combine her leadership and operational experience with her desire to create, inspire and empower, she unintentionally, began running an incubator in her living room. She then decided to enter the tech and startup world. Chevonne now consults as a Program Manager for Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), a Cultural Liaison for TiE Oregon, and supports the Elevate Inclusive Fund.

She loves meeting new people, sci-fi/fantasy novels, and changing her hair more than is necessary. She hates losing, chewing gum, and forehead kisses.

What are you up to?

I have a ton of new interests! I’ve picked up grant writing, I’ve been refining my gaming skills (Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my weakness), and will be launching my company, 10/11 Prime this Spring. Public transportation is also a new endeavor and it terrifies me, but I have friends to call to advise me! PIE is gearing up to move into a new space, so be prepared to stop by and visit me. Starting next month, I’ll be planning an event for founders, business owners, and tech people of color to gather around music and draaaaaanks!

Why Portland?

I’m here on a feeling! I wanted to move and came to visit for a weekend, and something spoke to me, and I always follow my intuition. The very special thing about Portland is that is makes you find your true self and interests. If you were indifferent about anything in your life, Portland will show you the answer. People do what they LOVE here and it resonates in the city. And, everyone is willing to meet with you. (I mean, I’m pretty dope so you should know me.) I love that I meet strangers every day! Strangers that become peers, mentors, friends, maybe even a partner. Lastly, the ice cream, there’s lots of ice cream here.


Best place to find me? LinkedIn! I know, I know. I’m not on Instagram or Twitter because my personality is overwhelming enough, but I do check routinely.

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