Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Lindsey E. Murphy

Lindsey Murphy-1046 - Crazy Aunt Lindsey


Lindsey is the creator and Executive Producer of popular kids science YouTube web series, The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey, livestream host for TEDx Portland, and has given talks at places like Harvard University and Google on topics such as Creative Media and Diversity In STEM.

Before breaking out on her own in 2017, she spent more than 15 years in marketing and business development, spending time at local institutions Nike and Wieden+Kennedy. As the CEO of Murph Media Co., Lindsey specializes in making content from the heart, digital consulting, audience + creative development.

What are you up to?

My life is all about building a media company and learning how to be a CEO. Not the “Instagram CEO” that puts CEO in their description box and posts photos of themselves using a stack of bills like a cell phone or of a perfectly styled Bullet Journal, coffee, and inspirational quote about but no one ever really knows what the business is.

I feel like my foundation is deep and well filled (I’m a carpenter’s daughter.), and now I’m focused on putting up the bones of the house together real well (Like knowing where the money is, tax cycles, and the difference between a bookkeeper, CPA, and a CFO and when to engage who; hiring the right lawyer to look over contracts long term viability; learning how to say no to “opportunities” that sound exciting but don’t align with my company’s core values, vision, or serve its priorities. Basically doing the unromantic things that keep people in business and creating for a long time without getting into trouble or burnt out) WHILE ALSO creating the best show and resources I can for kids and their families as a one woman show… while also being patient knowing that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I want everything NOW lol. (Amazon/Netflix/Harpo wasn’t built overnight!) All this while trying to stay up on Drake’s midnight album drops, Kylie’s cryptic baby announcements, and watching Kendrick’s LOVE video on repeat. There’s a lot going on lol.

Why Portland?

I spend a LOT of time at Dig A Pony. It’s like my living room. I don’t even really drink alcohol like that. It just feels good there. DAP is the only constant in my life. Otherwise, I’m all over the city gobbling up what’s left of the oldness (because it’s sacred) and the newness (because there is so much of it).

I moved to Portland four years ago because I felt called here by The Holy Spirit. Very specifically, I heard “Portland” on my heart at a time I had no job, no money, and knew not a soul except a high school friend I was in very loose Facebook touch with that lived here. No one else.

A few big, bizarre things happened in a very short time that gave me no choice. And so in October of 2013, I hopped on a plane with a backpack, a carry-on, $180 to my name (Because of the babysitting job I did the night before catching the 6AM flight. I otherwise has $0.47 in my bank account.) and the promise of a couch to crash on for 3 days.

As soon as I landed here, I knew I was home. I can’t explain it. I knew it was my place. Since then, even my worst days are my happiest. Old dreams I thought long dead came alive again. I found family. True friends. And joy.

I can’t say that this is my “why” but the thing I love most about this city—what’s most exciting—is that when you come here, you can MAKE the city. Create it. Actually affect it. In a place like New York, where I was all my life, the culture is SET. Everything is done. The most you can do is participate in what’s already established. Hop on what’s already moving. Here, I feel like what I’m today will be precedent for what’s done tomorrow. Like I’m at the beginning of something that’s going to be in place for a long time. Like legacy. Tradition. Institution. That’s dope.


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