Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Maxime Paul

Maxime Headshot 220 - Maxime PaulBio

Maxime is the Collaboration Technical Product Lead for Jaguar Land Rover and CEO/Co-Founder of CMDSense in Portland, OR. He has more than seven years of diverse experience in creative innovation, technology development, education, and business strategy.

With CMDSense, Maxime and his team are building construction technology that focuses on transforming the industry and cities to make city-living more equitable for people of all socioeconomic levels. The CMDSense crew started with surveying technology and have begun growing their product base through their construction partners.

Prior to CMDSense, Maxime ran multiple edtech and consulting startups, developing game-changing solutions for the classroom based on his teaching experience and education studies. He utilized first principles to create a learning platform that allowed anyone to affordably learn new topics and skills from beginner to mastery levels. Maxime has also served as a technology consultant for federal organizations, non-profits, and private companies all over world. He is always pushing for user-centricity and for creative, scalable solutions to any problem a client may face. He is still involved in a number of consulting projects to bring new products, services, or initiatives to life for industries and clients in about every area that there is. Maxime has expertise with software, hardware, and processes. Basically, if you can imagine it, Maxime can find a way to make it real.

Maxime has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rice University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. But has gained a great amount of experience in software development, product management, and business development from years of practice and self-teaching. Outside of the office, he loves music, learning new things, and his wonderful wife.

What are you up to?

I am building out a technology product focused consulting firm called Venture Kitchen with my co-founders from CMDSense. We’ve been getting some great projects across the spectrum and beyond Construction to fund our overall business with CMDSense. We are working on display technology for sneakers, process reorganization for grocery stores, new technology for consulting companies, and much, much more. We really enjoy working on building this out but have been pretty selective with the type of products we look to build. This really takes advantage of my team’s and my skills to identify new opportunities from customers, build them out, test them, and put them successfully into the market.

We love solving problems and building new products. This is our way to do more of it. Contact me if you want to know more.

Why Portland?

I originally came to Portland to escape the rigidity and respectability of Washington D.C. I had been living there for 6-7 years and my wife and I were ready for a more laid back environment that was progressive and acted on change rather than just talked about it. We visited Portland and felt like we found that here. I was referred for a job at Jaguar Land Rover and eventually got the job that moved us out here.

Typically I love the local black-owned restaurants, especially the Jamaican ones because that is my mother’s homeland. Some of my favorite places to eat are Stoopid Burger and also Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine.

I’m always trying out new beers and wines. My favorite place to get wine is Prospect Bottleshop on Killingsworth. I particularly enjoy Rose wines.

I love the great food here, especially places that season their food well. I’ve been working on a small pop-up restaurant that brings my very unique style of cooking to Portland as well.


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