As one Jive chapter closes, a post-Jive chapter begins: Matt Tucker’s new startup, Koan, comes out of stealth

You’ve no doubt heard the news that one of the seminal Portland startups of this generation—Jive Software—is shuttering its Portland office. Or at the very least, maybe you happened upon the epic Twitter thread talking about Jive’s impact on the Portland startup community. Either way, it was a bit of a bummer. And that’s why it was really nice to see Jive cofounder Matt Tucker turn my frown upside down with the product reveal on his new startup, Koan. And yes, it’s in Portland.

At Koan, we’re inspired to help teams and companies do their best work. Founded in 2016, we’re working hard to build simple and intuitive tools that embody the best practices of great managers and teams. Let’s face it: HR “Performance Management” software has fundamental problems and is ineffective. Join us in building a new paradigm around teams.

For more information, visit Koan. Or you can read some of Matt’s thoughts on the launch. If you like what you see, consider upvoting them on Product Hunt.