Crafting calm and connected devices that inform and entertain: August & Wonder

Leave it to Portland. In a day and age where more and more solutions are going for faster, slicker, and more invasive, folks like August & Wonder are taking a completely different approach. What if, instead of glowing and bleeping, the latest high tech gadget appeared to be a finely crafted and seemingly analog object?

Our dream is that someone could sit in their room or office, and without any screens, without having to shout, yet know exactly what’s going on, simply because the objects have arranged themselves to show it at a glance.

It’s more Harry Potter than Minority Report.

Their first product is called The Market.

Enchanted to change with the capital markets from Bull to Bear and back. It symbolizes the majesty and grace, risk and reward of the financial world.

This smart steampunk masterpiece has a soul of analog. Yet, animates with state-of-the-art connectivity.

But if you’d like one, you better hurry. They’re only making a limited run of 300 for a price starting at $495.

For more or to stay up to date on what they’re building next, visit August & Wonder.