Still forming but worth watching, XADDAX

Back 11 years ago, when I started this blog, one of the things I appreciated most about the Portland startup community was its transparency. Everybody was blogging. About what they thought. About what they were building. About everything.

But with the advent of social media, that proclivity to blog began to wane. Favoring instead a tweet or an update, instead of a full fledged post.

I miss those days. And that’s why it was really nice to happen upon this post, which reminded me of the days of old. So I’m sharing it. With the hopes that it inspires others to follow suit.

My plan at this point is to get the software to a point where I can invite some developers that are using GraphQL to try out the system. I will do this before I reach the point that I think the software is ready for general consumption. I think its pretty important to get feedback as quickly as possible. The feature set will be quite limited, but I believe it will still have usefulness and save time.…

I have some pretty big ideas for XADDAX. I am quite passionate about finding ways to make people’s lives and jobs easier. I dream of XADDAX being one of the tools that can make a developer’s life easier.

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