Calling all angels outside of Silicon Valley

Early stage investing has definitely changed. Huge seed rounds. Challenging pre-seed rounds. Organized angel groups that behave more like institutional investors. It can be confusing for the uninitiated. That’s why it’s always good to hear from folks who are in the thick of it. Like Shane Johnson, an early stage investor from Eugene, Oregon.

Shane Johnson is both a Managing Director of the Partnership and a managing member of the General Partner for the Coast to Crest Fund. Shane is responsible for mentoring the Portfolio Companies and for deal flow development. Shane has been active in the Oregon startup community for more than 15 years. He founded three Internet startups and has had two successful exits. Shane’s startups have all been located in Eugene, and he believes strongly in the community and people who have aided his success. He has been a local advisor, mentor, and active angel investor since 2011. Shane has been the Entrepreneur in Residence at Fertilab—an accelerator and co-working space for entrepreneurs in Eugene—since 2013. He serves as the lead mentor in the Regional Accelerator and Innovation in Eugene, and he is also an advisor to several local companies.

Shane recently spent time with Stayin’ Alive in Technology to share his views on being an angel outside of Silicon Valley.

For more information, visit Calling All Angels Outside of Silicon Valley.