Doing a better job of quantifying the Portland startup community with PDX Startups

You’ve heard me bemoan it any number of times. Ask someone what the Portland startup community is like and you’ll get any number of adjectives. But you won’t really get any numbers or metrics. We’ve just never seemed to capture that terribly well. But PDX Startups may help change that.

The project is an effort of recent Portland transplant Slade Sundar, who recently documented his experience in Portland and inspiration for the project.

While engaging in that responsibility, I noticed many of the dots were asking similar questions about startup jobs, events, accelerators, investors — and those led to more in-depth questions about the startup community: which startups were founded by women, LGBTQ, and persons of color, which startup organizations existed, how many startups were in which industries, etc…

In my search to answer these questions for my dots, I realized that there wasn’t a centralized place for this type of information in Portland.

For more information or to help flesh out this new resource, read One Year of Lurking in the Silicon Forest