It’s like a happy hour for founders. But with caffeine. And in the morning.

[Editor: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Not every startup event has to happen in the evening. Folks have families. And lives. That’s one of the reasons I’m rebooting Portland Lunch 2.0. And that’s why I’m glad that we have event organizers like Josh Carter who organizes Coffee w/ Co-Founders, a caffeine fueled morning happy hour for founders. This is a guest post from Josh.]

For the past few years I have been sparsely putting together a morning happy hour called Coffee w/ Co-Founders. The thesis was that there needed to be a gathering of local founders who could feel safe sharing their struggles in a non-judgmental environment.

The first few meetups were small. A few people attended and we just sort of just drank our coffee and talked about our business. There was no real structure. Just show up, grab a cup of joe, and chat about what you are working on.

Now after three and a half years, the meetup has grown to over 1,500 members and we have moved out of the coffeeshop and into local businesses who are working on challenges at a much larger scale. Enter Cloudability and Mat Ellis.

I have known Mat for some time now. Like anyone who has ever had the privilege of meeting him, I have learned so much about how to be an empathetic and pragmatic founder. His leadership in his company as well as his advocacy for the startup community makes him one of the best to lead a discussion around what it takes to grow a startup to scale.

Please join us on April 18th at 10am at Cloudability’s Pearl District HQ as we sit down with Mat to talk about early failures, the challenges of fundraising, and how being part of your community only serves to help your business.

If you can’t make it on April 18th we have other dates and locations scheduled. Hoping to make this a more regular meetup for 2019.

WHAT: Coffee w/ Co-Founders
WHO: CEO/Co-Founder Mat Ellis
WHERE: Cloudability, 334 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR

Seats are limited so RSVP NOW!