Need techniques to hold your own feet to the fire? Pregame and Lori Eberly can help

Having issues with execution at your startup? You know, like getting blog posts done in a reasonable timeframe rather than at the last minute? Well, this upcoming workshop series with Pregame might be just what you need.

Feet to the Fire is a five-week intensive small coaching cohort that closes the thinking-doing gap. Focusing on ONE game-changing goal, you’ll get out of whatever has been holding you back and create results.

Lori Eberly, aka “That Fuckery Lady,” will eliminate your excuses by showing you how to deactivate your fuckery – the defenses that prevent you from realizing your full potential.

The workshop series is $497, $297 if you’re a Pregame member. It takes place over the course of the next five Wednesdays.

For more information or to register, visit Pregame.