Big board win for Bigleaf Networks

Part of building a self sustaining ecosystem is reinvesting capital and wealth from one generation of companies to the next. But that’s also true for talent. That’s an important resource as well. Especially founders who can help the next generation of founders build their businesses. That’s why I was really happy to see Eric Winquist, founder of Jama, was joining Bigleaf’s board.

We’re excited to announce that Eric Winquist has joined our board of directors. Eric founded Jama Software in 2007, growing the company to 200 employees and leading it to a massive $200 million investment round. That round is recognized as one of the largest in Portland’s history.

Despite the high demand for his time, Eric sees the momentum we’ve built and the opportunity we have to become another part of Portland history. We’re excited to work with him on this next phase of growth for Bigleaf.

For more information, see the Bigleaf press release.