A little help for a Portland startup family? All it takes is a swab

You probably haven’t met Kat and Asa Miller. They’re very private folks. So it wouldn’t surprise me if their names don’t ring any bells. I was lucky enough to meet Asa early in the days of mobile in Portland. Back when PIE was still a coworking space and community event space. He was unassuming. And ridiculously talented. Like many Portland folks.

Later I would have the opportunity to meet his cofounder — and eventually wife — Kat. Like Asa, she was ridiculously talented. And unassuming. The duo went through PIE with a startup called Stand In. That company would go on to participate in Techstars Seattle, as well.

Stand In didn’t wind up being a going concern. Like many startups. But Kat and Asa continued to work on various startups in our community. Using their talents and insights to help other founders build their businesses.

Recently, Asa partnered with another PIE alum, Darius Monsef, to start building Brave Care, a startup that is rethinking healthcare for kids.

Then, this happened.

Long story short, if you can find it in your heart to help out, it would be greatly appreciated. All it takes is registering with Be the Match. It’s free for folks under the age of 44. If you’re over 44, there is a cost of $100 to be added to the registry. If you have a serious health condition or are not an ideal candidate for bone marrow transplants, you may also choose to donate money.

But in the long run, everyone and anyone can help spread the message about this desperate and agonizing need.

Please and thank you, Portland startup community. It’s very much appreciated.