For a short session, this bill has come a long way. Consider supporting Oregon House Bill 4033 and entrepreneurs.

For those of you just tuning in, it’s a short session in the Oregon legislature, this year. Without getting into the particulars, suffice it to say that it’s traditionally very difficult to move legislation during these sessions because of the limited amount of time. So leave it to entrepreneurs to say “Really? We like those odds.” Which is what’s happening with Oregon House Bill 4033.

Legislation to improve access to capital for entrepreneurs and small business has now been scheduled for a hearing and possible work session in House Rules Committee on Thursday.

It’s truly remarkable that this bill has progressed so far in the short February session! What a reflection of the incredible support from our members and the growing statewide network supporting this bill. You can read more about BBPDX’s involvement and background and press coverage. We know you are all very busy, and we ask you for one last effort to push this to the FINISH LINE!

How? It’s quite simple. And short. Which is only appropriate for the short session.

All it takes is signing on to a letter of support. Or sending a letter of your own. It just takes a couple of seconds. So why don’t you consider doing that while you’re sipping your morning beverage of choice.

Want to do some homework? Here’s all of the details on Oregon House Bill 4033.