Tracking the impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and small business: Portland Dreams Disrupted

Early in the onset of the our region’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Portland Business Journal began capturing the stories of a number of local small businesses — tracking their journey through this life altering experience. Now, those stories have been amalgamated with stories from around the US in American Dreams Disrupted.

It’s an effort by American City Business Journals, a network of which the Portland Business Journal is part.

All of the papers in our American City Business Journals chain have been publishing similar stories, and it became clear a few weeks ago that we had an opportunity to pool our collective resources to mark this moment in a powerful way. The result is a national project called Small Business, Big Mission.

We’ve gathered the stories of 240 small businesses from across the country. On the following pages, you’ll read the latest from the Portland executives we’ve been following for more than two months. You’ll also meet other small business owners and CEOs from across the country. Many of them appear in snapshot, offering brief glimpses to document the scope and impact of this pandemic from shore to shore.

Among the entrepreneurs featured are Portland’s own Jason Bolt, Dick Clark, Lynn Le (with whom we’ll be chatting today on the PIE Crowdcast), Keith Lee, Emma McIlroy, Ian Williams, and Jeff Yapp.

For the complete list of stories, visit American Dreams Disrupted.