Startup accelerators are even more important than ever

I’m hearing from a lot of founders that can’t make the commitment to be part of a startup accelerator program. Because it seems like another thing on their plate. Another stressor. Another obligation. And I get it. People are dealing with a lot right now. More than a lot. And this fall is only going to get messier. So why take the chance of applying for a startup accelerator?

Well, because startup accelerators provide you with the very type of support that you as a founder need. Now more than ever.

In the past few months, our worlds have completely changed. Yet, what hasn’t changed are the things that every startup needs: community, connections, and coaching. Every startup needs a group of peers they can call on, cash to keep going, and mentorship to help guide them through strategic questions at any given time. This is why, as we think about the next few months and years, accelerators are more important than ever.

Why? Because they’re doing the things they’ve always done: Provide community, connections, and coaching.

Or to convey that in a less eloquent manner…

For more on the Global Accelerator Network’s view, read “The Continued Importance of Accelerators.”

And just a reminder that PIE applications close on Sunday. And OTBC Beaverton Startup Challenge applications are currently open.