Looking to connect with the Portland startup community?

For all the difficulties of the pandemic, finding ways to connect with other humans — especially if you’ve recently relocated — has been among the most difficult. What’s more, for folks who are juggling jobs, family, and other areas of responsibility, evening networking events can be all but inaccessible — whether it’s a pandemic or not. That’s why I’ve been actively working to reboot Portland Lunch 2.0, a simple community networking event that occurs during the lunch hour.

Originally created by Jake Kuramoto as a way for folks to connect and for startups to show off their office spaces, Portland Lunch 2.0 has gone virtual for the time being. All in an effort to help connect longtime Portland startup folks, folks who have recently relocated to Portland, and folks who may be curious about the Portland startup community.

The next Portland Lunch 2.0 will take place Wednesday, June 23, 2021, at noon. It is free, fully virtual, and open to the public. There’s no agenda. And no presentations. (And yes, when we get back to meeting in person, there is lunch. Often, a free lunch, at that.)

For more information or to RSVP, please visit Portland Lunch 2.0.