Portland startup Gabbi raises $1 million for AI that assists with early cancer risks

We’re seeing more and more startups leveraging the assumed potential of Artificial Intelligence for truly practical — and potentially life saving — applications. Which is very much inline with Portland startup Gabbi, a startup that uses a unique combination of assessments and AI to help with the early detection of potential health issues.

And that story is resonating with investors. Gabbi just raised $1 million to fuel their growth, which includes bringing some part time executives on full time.

Gabbi is an artificial intelligence tool that asks women questions and then offers a risk assessment. The tool was built using existing risk models and adds expanded and weighted ethnic and age factors and other social determinants of health. Earlier this year, the startup ran a pilot with a national insurer that gave it access to 30 million datasets that covered 8 million people.

That pilot found the Gabbi tool to have 23% greater accuracy than existing models alone.

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