OpenSesame garners $50 million in private equity

While the most beneficial paths to liquidity for investors and founders can be the subject of debate, getting a company to the point of a private equity investment has become one of the more common modes of achieving that liquidity, around these parts. Today, another one joined the ranks. OpenSesame announced that they had attracted a $50 million private equity investment from JMI Equity and others.

“As corporate training and business learning have evolved over the past several years, OpenSesame has emerged as the leader in delivering innovative virtual learning experiences and best-in-class content to a quickly growing, global customer base,” said Peter Arrowsmith, Managing General Partner at JMI Equity.

OpenSesame will accelerate its investment in partnerships and technology to provide customers access to even more high-quality courses. The company adds exclusive courses by connecting the world’s best content developers and top subject-matter experts with its own curation team to produce courses that address the unmet training needs of today’s virtual and diverse workforces. OpenSesame has developed technology allowing learning administrators to create custom learning paths for each learner with AI-curated course lists. OpenSesame’s SimonTM platform allows learning professionals to create engaging online training courses in multiple languages that integrate with any learning management platform.

For more information, see the OpenSesame press release.