Beaverton startup Seamus Golf featured in Happy Gilmore 25th anniversary products

I honestly didn’t ever see the opportunity to reference Happy Gilmore on Silicon Florist. But stranger things have happened. Like this 25th Anniversary Happy Gilmore collection from Extra Butter that features customer head covers by Beaverton startup Seamus Golf.

(Image courtesy Extra Butter)

“25 years ago, a fictional character named Happy Gilmore broke the mold on what it meant to be a golfer, and we wanted to celebrate that with a unique collaboration and collection,” says Extra Butter co-founder and CEO, Ankur Amin. “Golf is growing exponentially amongst every demographic. Golfers today are more diverse and the game is more inclusive than ever before. Golf is getting younger and breaking away from its “dad’s game” reputation as youth culture starts to embrace the sport. We wanted to be a part of this shift, bring our style to the sport and have fun with this project.”

The Seamus head covers depict the scene where Carl Weathers’ character Chubbs is teaching Adam Sandler’s character Happy how to putt, in addition to his iconic hockey stick putter, Subway sandwiches, and other referential objects.

Seamus is an alum of the inaugural Startup PDX Challenge program.

For more information as well as additional photos of the collection, visit Extra Butter.