Dutch autonomous EV charging startup Rocsys chooses Portland as its first US outpost

Sometimes Portland creates startups; sometimes startups choose Portland. The later is the case with Dutch startup Rocsys which has chosen Portland as its first US outpost — its second location — for its autonomous electric vehicle charging solution.

Crijn Bouman, CEO and co-founder of Rocsys, says: “The electric vehicle market is growing tremendously fast, and we have developed a solution to help it scale even further. We chose Portland, Oregon to be close to our customers and manufacturers on the West Coast. In addition, Portland serves as a robust hub of community and industry stakeholders who are committed to transportation electrification. We are glad that there is so much trust in our company. Not only from our customers, but also from our investors who enable us expand rapidly.”

For more information on the announcement, see the press release. For more information on the company, visit Rocsys.