Need someone keeping you accountable? Consider joining a startup founder accountability group

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: being a startup founder is one of the loneliest and most challenging roles most folks will ever experience. Worse yet, no one truly gets what you’re going through. Or the ridiculous emotional rollercoaster you’re on.

That said, while no one may share the same exact experience, there is at least one other person who has a pretty good understanding of what you’re dealing with day to day: another startup founder. And finding that peer mentorship and support for startup founders can often be the key to folks surviving and succeeding in that extremely challenging role.

No one does it alone. No matter how lonely it may feel.

That’s why I love peer-to-peer accountability groups for founders. It allows them to support one another — and help one another stay on task. And now, there’s the opportunity for you to join one with other startup founders in Portland.

Need more details? Visit Portland Startups Slack.