Bend and Seattle startup incubated at Madrona Venture Labs comes out of stealth with $6 million raise

A new startup with a presence in both Bend and Seattle has come out of stealth with the announcement of a $6 million round. Meet Magnify, which was incubated in Madrona Venture Labs.

What does Magnify do? According to GeekWire:

Magnify’s tool optimizes onboarding and use of software. It automates the timing and sequence of customer interactions using AI and machine learning, engaging customers through timing actions such as emails or training videos and integrating with existing software products such as Salesforce, Marketo, Pendo and Gainsight. According to its website, the company aims to “transform your post-sales experience with automation.”

For more information, read the press release. To sign up for updates on the company, visit Magnify.

(Hat tip Dylan Boyd)