Portland startup Radious resonates with local investors

I don’t care how cool your home office — or regular remote workspace is — staring at the same walls, day in and day out, can stifle even the best motivation and creativity. That’s why a change of scenery and setting could be that spark that you need. That’s some of the inspiration behind Portland startup Radious, which allows users to rent other folks’ home office spaces in an Airbnb-esque way.

Let’s face it. Many people still don’t feel comfortable in public buildings, surrounded by people they don’t know well. Not to mention, most of us have gotten pretty used to not having to commute very far — if at all.

But working from home has its limitations (*ahem* burnout, *cough* distractions), and frankly, you’re probably not going to host a five-person meeting in your own living room. And isn’t it nice to see people in person once in a while?

Sound interesting? Well, it’s resonating with local investors like Portland Seed Fund, the OTBC’s Westside Startup Fund 7, and Angels from Oregon, Washington, and California. All of whom have contributed capital to the company’s initial round of funding. And that funding is enabling Radious to continue to prove out the market opportunity in Portland before expanding their, yeah, radius.

Interested in trying it out as either a worker or a host? Visit Radious.