Portland startup UrbanForm expands zoning functionality to Seattle

For all of the talk of “disruption” over the past decade, there are still plenty of industries that remain faithful to the same processes and ways of doing business that has worked decade after decade. Architecture and construction are no different. But there’s a glimmer of hope that they might soon be realizing some efficiencies thanks to startups like UrbanForm.

“Every single construction project, from an ADU to a skyscraper, is constrained by the zoning codes. And the professionals who work with it spend hours to weeks manually researching the thousands of pages of text documents, drafting, calculating, and creating visualizations to understand how zoning affects one single property,” said Quang Truong, co-founder and CEO of UrbanForm. “Our vision is to use technology to make zoning information instant, accessible, and clear—giving anyone who wants it the specific rules that apply to that site. This can transform the future of building in cities throughout the US.”

Built by architects and engineers to provide instant, easy access to what was one of the most complex, confusing, and inaccessible aspects of building design and development—the zoning.

Skip the map and document search, text interpretation, reference cross-checking, CAD-drafting, and phone calls to the building department. Just use UrbanForm and get your project started right away with all the info you need.

And now, UrbanForm is expanding that vision to Seattle. With Denver and San Diego already on the roadmap.

More interested in something closer to home? Portland is available too.

For more information, visit UrbanForm.