PitchBlack is back, but this time, it’s in Beaverton

No single event on the West Coast does more to showcase — and support — Black entrepreneurs than PitchBlack. So it only stands to reason that the next version of the pitch competition will take place during Black History Month. What may come as a surprise, however, is where the Portland-born event is taking place, this time around.

Founded by Stephen Green, PitchBlack started in Portland in 2015 and over time has been hosted in other cities like Austin, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Now, it’s leaving Portland once again — sort of — to be hosted in nearby Beaverton.

“I am stoked that we are bringing PitchBlack to Beaverton,” Beaverton Mayor Lacey Beaty told the Portland Business Journal. “This event showcases, uplifts and supports the incredible talents of Black entrepreneurs in Beaverton and the region. It’s a visible manifestation of our value for diversity, centering of equity, and commitment to inclusion.”

So who is taking the stage this time around? These are the 10 companies:

Already have a favorite? Well, that’s good. Because as always, you’re in charge of picking the winner. Audience members vote at the end to select their favorites. And then the money from tickets and sponsors is divvied up into prize packages for the crowd favorites.

Which brings us to tickets. Which may not be available for much longer. Last I heard, they were already half gone. So… you know… you should get on that. Tickets are $29 each. And again all proceeds go to the winners of the competition.

Oh yeah. And I guess timing would help. The event takes place February 7, 2023, in the evening at the new Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton. So please plan accordingly if you’ve got a commute from Portland to get out there. Or just hop on the MAX.

For more information or to grab your ticket before they’re all gone, visit PitchBlack.

[Full disclosure: PIE is a sponsor of PitchBlack. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]